Street Lights/Traffic Signals

Reporting Street Light Outages

The Engineering Department, through a contract with Consumer’s Energy, maintains the streetlights within the city limits. Please report any burned out lights through Consumers Energy here or you may also report them to our office at 517-264-4829. If you would like to check the status of an active street light repair click here.

Report an outage!

Streetlights in the following areas: Maumee Ct., Sawmill Ct., Scott Ridge and Meadowbrook subdivision are maintained by the City and MUST be reported directly to the City at 517-264-4876.

Traffic Signals

The Engineering Department maintains and troubleshoots 7 City intersections. Yearly, every traffic signal in the city receives preventative maintenance. On occasion, a traffic signal will be flashing during the daytime hours; this is a failsafe mode caused by a problem in the controller system.

To report signal problems please contact our office at 517-264-4894 (Monday-Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm) or Lenawee County Sheriff’s dispatch at 517-263-0524 (after hours). If you have any other questions or concerns regarding traffic signals, please feel free to contact us at 517-264-4894.

During power outages treat all signalized intersections as a FOUR-WAY STOP.

Street Signage

The Department of Public Works installs and maintains the street name signs, traffic signs, as well as the curb and crosswalk markings within the City Limits.

To report a missing, damaged, bent or unreadable sign please call our office at 517-264-4888 or by email to

Sign Ordinance

Property Owners may place signs on their own property (between the sidewalk and house only). The area between the roadway and sidewalk is within the City’s Right-Of-Way and is public property, and signs may not be posted in the Right-Of-Way.

No posting of any kind of sign on a utility pole, tree, or fire hydrant will be allowed.

Nails in utility poles are a nuisance and a hazard to utility workers. A nail placed into tree causes damage and opens the tree to further disease.

The posting of any kind of sign on a utility pole, tree, fire hydrant , or in the City’s Right-Of-Way constitutes a violation of City Ordinances. Repeat offenders to these ordinances may be subject to a fine from the City.

If you require more information regarding placement of signage please call Public Works at 517-264-4888.