Storm Water Systems Maintenance

The Public Works Department maintains and repairs the storm water system within the City right-of-way. This includes cleaning the catch basin tops, repairing failing manhole and basin structures, and installing new systems, as deemed necessary. It is essential that grass, leaves and other debris not be placed in the roadway because this causes the catch basins in the roadway to become clogged, which contributes to flooding issues. As steward for the Clean Water Act, we monitor all storm sewers for illegal deposits of environmentally harmful materials; such as any automotive fluids, waste from RV’s, etc. If anyone is illegally discharging these or similar items into a catch basin PLEASE contact the 24 hour Pollution Emergency Alert System (PEAS) at 1-800-292-4706 immediately. If you see a “sinkhole” around a manhole or catch basin structure, please report it immediately. You may do this by calling the DPW at 517-264-4888 or by e-mail to Tammie Dovell