Snow Removal FAQ

Snow Removal FAQ

Why do city plow trucks push snow into my driveway after I clean it?

During a snow event city crews usually make one pass to open up each road, the truck then comes back to widen the roads, and then the shoulders. Often in a succession of snow events crews are trying to keep just one pass available from accumulating snow throughout the city. During such an event, a snowplow may go by continuing to push snow towards the curb and unintentionally filling in the end of a freshly cleared driveway. While this can cause frustration and additional work for our residents please understand that our crews are working tirelessly trying to maintain an acceptable service level throughout the city for the safety of the traveling public.

A city plow knocked over my mailbox, will the city replace it?

The city will not repair or replace mailboxes damaged by force of moving snow. If a City of Adrian vehicle or equipment hits a mailbox the city will take action to fix the mailbox at its earliest convenience. However the city will not replace mailboxes damaged by any other means, including from the weight of snow plowed from the roadway.
As winter weather approaches each year it is recommended to verify that your mailbox is structurally sound by shaking it.

Why isn't salt being applied to the roads?

Salt is not generally effective at temperatures below 20 degrees. The city’s policy for salt application when temperatures are favorable is:
Priority 1 & 2 streets receive salt in an application in both directions, the salt spreads to the curb line due to the crown of the road. Special attention is paid to signalized intersections and residential streets with significant hills.Priority 3 streets may, depending on needs, receive salt in one pass down the center of the street. All intersections in residential areas receive salting as warranted by temperature.

Priority 4 alleys only receive salting as necessary for ice buildup if necessary for final cleaning.

Which roads are plowed first?
  • Priority 1: Major trunklines/thoroughfares and multi-lane arterials: Includes M-52, M-34 and US-223BR
  • Priority 2: Urban collector streets and special access routes: includes those streets around schools, hospitals and higher volume major streets.
  • Priority 3: Residential streets, commercial area side streets and cul-de-sacs
  • Priority 4: alleys, municipal parking areas and downtown on-street parking

To see what priority level your street is click here.

A private snow removal contractor is pushing snow into the road; can residents shovel snow into the street?

A person shall not remove, or cause to be removed, snow, ice or slush onto or across any street in a manner which obstructs the safety of the driver of a motor vehicle, other than off-road vehicles. A person shall not deposit, or cause to be deposited, snow, ice or slush on the traveled portion of any street. This includes private snow removal contractors (ordinance 74.9 c & d)

If you are aware of a snow removal contractor shoveling snow into a roadway or pushing snow across a roadway please contact the Adrian Police Department at 517-264-4808.