Construction Permits

Right Of Way Permits

The Engineering Department oversees permits including the following activities: any digging or construction with the City’s right-of-way (ROW), sidewalks, new driveway approaches, culvert installations, storm sewer taps, banners, parking lot and road closures. For information, regarding permits and their costs please contact our office at 517-264-4894.

For any construction within the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) right-of-way permits shall be obtained through the Jackson Transportation Service Center (TSC).  MDOT Permits must be obtained through their electronic permitting system here. MDOT rights-of-way within the City of Adrian city limits are:

  • M52: N. Main Street– between Front Street to northern city limits
  • M52: Front Street – between N. Main Street to Broad Street
  • M52: Broad Street – between E. Front Street to E. Church Street
  • M52: Church Street – between Broad Street to S. Main Street
  • M52: S. Main Street – between Church Street to US-223
  • M34: W. Beecher Street – between S. Main Street to Sand Creek Highway
  • US-223 BR: W. Maumee Street – between US-223 to W. Church Street
  • US-223 BR: W. Church Street – between W. Maumee Street to S. Main Street.

Sidewalk Rehabilitation

Sidewalk rehabilitation projects are managed through the Engineering Department. We administer City Ordinances 48-4.48 and 48-4.49 for sidewalk repair and maintenance. This is generally done by complaint bases. Condemned sidewalk is generally marked with an “X” to show that it meets our criteria for an unsafe sidewalk. The ordinances state these costs are the responsibility of the adjacent property owner.

Due to the influence of trees on sidewalks, the City pays for 1/3 of all condemned sidewalk repairs. As a cost saving measure, the City grinds small mismatches in sidewalks. This grinding is done at no cost to the owner however; the mismatch must be ¾” or less to meet our criteria for grinding. If any owner of properties where grinding has occurred does not like the finished look of the slab, the owner may choose to replace the section at their cost.
Permits are required for all sidewalk work within the City’s right-of-way. Contact the Engineering Department for a permit 517-264-4894.

City Sidewalk Rehab Ordinance

Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Permits

The Engineering Department is an Authorized Public Agency (APA) for the enforcement of the Part 91 of the Natural Resources & Environmental Protection Act. “Part 91 provides for the control of soil erosion and protects the waters of the state from sedimentation. The Act is applicable to all earth change activities that disturb one or more acres of land or occurs within 500 feet of a water body.”

All construction projects require a soil erosion sedimentation plan must be submitted for review by the Lenawee County Drain Commission, if it meets the requirements to Part 91. You can contact the Lenawee County Drain Commission at 517-264-4696.

Building Permits/Inspections

The Community Development Department administers building code inspections including plumbing, mechanical and electrical, rental housing code compliance, zoning ordinances, and housing redevelopment.
Click here to go to Community Development for Site Plan, Zoning, and Inspection permits along with other information.

Parking Permits

Residential On-Street Parking Permits

The Engineering Department administers the temporary and permanent on-street parking permits for local residential streets around the city. No parking is allowed on any city street between 3:00am and 6:00am without a special permit.

Temporary on-street residential parking permits are available for a maximum of 30 days with the possibility of renewal for an additional 30 days. These permits are at a cost of $15 per month. An application must be filled out at the City Clerk’s Department on the second floor of City Hall. For further information, please contact the City Clerk’s office at 517-264-4866. The permits are not allowed on State trunk lines or on the City’s major streets.

When issued this permit, vehicles must be removed from the streets if a snow emergency is declared.

Permanent on-street residential parking permits may be considered after application is made at the Engineering Department on the second floor of City Hall. This application will ask the reason for requesting the permit as well as a list of all vehicles parking at the address where the request is being made. With this application, a temporary permit is granted until the Parking Appeal Board reviews the application. It must be physically impossible to park on the property. If the Board feels other means of parking are available, the application will be rejected.

The cost for application of this permit is a non-refundable $50. If the permit is approved, the fee for the permit is $150 per year and prorated to coincide with the calendar year. The permits are not allowed on State trunk lines or on the City’s major streets. If issued this permit, vehicles must be removed from the streets if a snow emergency is declared.

On occasion, it may be necessary to park on the street overnight due to a special circumstance. You may contact the Sheriff’s Dispatch Office at 517-263-0524 to obtain permission to park on the street for that night. This is limited and may not be done over a long period. Without permission from the police department, you will be ticketed. No overnight parking will be allowed on State trunk lines or the City’s major streets.

Right-Of-Way Permit Application