Artalicious Fine Arts Fair September 18, 2021

Artalicious is the perfect mix of fine art, food, and entertainment. Featuring talented local and regional artists, you are sure to find something that speaks to you. Many of our artists provide demonstrations of their craft. As you shop, your experience is complemented by ongoing live musical performances. Bring a friend, make a day of it, and take advantage of the special food events and vendors on site.

Located in the heart of historic downtown Adrian, Artalicious is an easily walkable district with plenty of free parking. The area has wonderful shops and restaurants surrounding the event as well as multiple hotels within a few minutes drive. Artalicious is a great way to spend the weekend relaxing and taking in all of the art and culture that the southeast Michigan region offers.

Live Entertainment Schedule:
E. Maumee 
12:00pm - One Hit Wonders
1:00pm - Josh Harper
3:00pm - Rio Doyle
4:00pm - 42 North
5:00pm - Adrian City Band (Adrian City Hall)
6:00pm - Dan Hacker
W. Maumee
1:30pm - 2:30pm  - Eric the Juggler
N. Main 
12:00pm  - 10 Cents Flat
1:00pm-2:00pm  - Jill Maria Murdy
6:00pm - Lucas Van Zandt
S. Main 
7pm-10pm - Phoenix Theory Band

Activities at Artalicious:
Historic Home Tour with Professor Peter Barr - begins at 1pm on Saturday September 18, at the Lenawee County Historical Museum (110 E. Church Street). Guests will learn about the people who built homes and to identify the key features of several styles of architecture in the District. Several residents of the District have offered to open their homes for guests to look inside.
Not Just for the Birds! Auction (E. Maumee) - Visit the Adrian District Library from 11am-6pm to bid on birdhouses and feeders in the silent auction!  Winners of the auction can pick up their birdhouses/feeders at 7:00pm on Saturday.
Power of Passage Exhibit (W. Maumee) - A collaboration between Hospice of Lenawee & Adrian Center for the Arts, twenty-seven families from the Hospice Bereavement Program and 27 artist members of the ACA were paired. Each family gathered remembrances of their loved one, made a collage with images of what their loved one enjoyed in life and then met with the artist. The artist created the tribute piece using a full-sized, reclaimed wooden door as their canvas. The doors, thresholds and symbols of passage are filled with metaphors that help ensure these family members are not forgotten.  The traveling exhibit will be on display Saturday from 11am-7pm.
Plane Wave Adrian Exhibit "Where Art Meets Science" (E. Maumee) - Plane Wave Instruments will host one of their telescopes at Artalicious from 11am-7pm.
Hands-On Art Projects/Louvre Jr. (W. Maumee) - from 11am-7pm on Saturday, kids can complete 10 art projects on Non-Profit Row, then visit the Louvre Jr. Tent to learn about the Louvre Museum in Paris and choose a piece of handmade art to begin their own collection.
Artists in Action - Displays and demonstrations throughout the fair (11am-7pm)
Adrian District Library Activities - 
11am-7pm                Sensory Activities, Large Sticker Mosaic, Friends of ADL Book Sale
11am-1pm                Canvas Painting Using Stencils
1:30pm-3:30pm       Make a Button
4pm-6pm                  Kiddo Spraypainting
11am - 7pm               Not Just for the Birds Auction, 3D Printer Demo - Free Keychains, Teen Zone Suncatcher Activity, KEQ Quilt Display
Face Painting - 11am-7pm, located at the four corners of Main & Maumee
Performances at My Adventure Theater (W. Maumee) - 12:30pm, 2:30pm, and 4:30pm

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