July Board of Review

The July Board of Review will meet Tuesday July 21, 2020. The meeting will be held on the Mezzanine level of City Hall at 135 E. Maumee Street. The meeting will begin at 10:00am and continue until the Board’s business is concluded.

The July Board of Review will meet to correct Qualified Errors and to consider appeals related to Principal Residence Exemptions, Qualified Agricultural Exemptions, Taxable Value uncapping, the Qualified Start-up Business Exemption, the Disabled Veteran’s Exemption and Poverty Exemptions.

For 2020, The July Board of Review will also meet on any matters that are usually heard before the March Board of Review.

Appointments to meet with the Board of Review must be made through the City Assessor’s Office, 517-264-4830. Written appeals will be accepted. To allow enough time to process a written appeal, please deliver them directly to the Assessor’s Office no later than Monday July 20, 2020 at 4:30pm.

This meeting is open to the public. However, all public meetings are subject to all Executive Orders regarding masks and social distancing.