Adrian Police Department 2020 Annual Report

Adrian Police Department 2020 Annual Report


Since its beginning as the Adrian Night Police Service in 1878, the Adrian Police Department has worked with citizens to promote a peaceful and safe environment. The unique challenges presented in 2020 were faced in the same way – together. As events unfolding in the world sought to divide us the Adrian community only grew stronger.

Our staff of 31 sworn women and men worked diligently to maintain the community trust, often being forced to find new ways to communicate in the wake of the pandemic. Officers faced difficult situations with courageous calm and their examples led to many situations being resolved peacefully and amicably.

Statistically this year continued the downward trend in the number of calls for service. We ended 2020 with 12,917 calls for service, a reduction from the high water mark of 20,840 in 2015. Contact restrictions due to COVID-19 account for most of the drop in contacts. Despite the overall reduction, Adrian was not immune to the spike in violent offenses being experienced nationwide. Civil unrest, unemployment, shelter in place orders, and other outside influences contributed to several feuds boiling over into assault.

2020 also began Adrian Police Department’s pursuit of accreditation through the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police (MACP). The accreditation process is expected to last 2 years during which every facet of operations will be examined internally and by the accrediting body. The process will involve expanding and updating our operational policies, auditing property, inventorying equipment, and evaluating and enhancing officer training. It is an intense undertaking, but one to which we are committed, in order to continue the effective and professional police service our citizens deserve.