City of Adrian Master Plan Survey

The City of Adrian Planning Commission is currently working on an update to the City's Master Plan. The Master Plan will serve as an important guide for land use and development, community facilities, open space, transportation, and related decision-making for Adrian.  The plan seeks to establish a vision of what the character of the City is and should be as we move forward over the five years and beyond. The Plan provides guidance to public and private decision makers regarding development of the City; sets goals, policies and strategies for managing the City’s continuing development; and provides a framework for updating of the City’s zoning and other land use ordinances, as well as a legal basis for those ordinances.

We invite you to participate in our community’s planning process.  Your participation and input will be a valuable resource for our community. Please take the time to carefully read each question and answer it as accurately as possible. The questionnaire should take less than 15 minutes to complete.  

To take the survey, please click here: