Enforcement of Noxious Weed & Grass Ordinances


The City of Adrian has received several questions about how noxious weed and grass ordinances will be handled over the next few weeks. The Governor’s Executive Order 2020-42 allows homeowners to tend to their own yards, but largely prohibits the hiring of a contractor to conduct landscaping, lawn care, tree service, irrigation, and other outdoor maintenance activities. The City of Adrian will not enforce grass ordinances throughout the duration of the Executive Order as it is currently written. If the order is changed or lifted, there will be a period of time before any enforcement occurs to allow homeowners to catch up on lawn care that had been delayed. We understand that many people are not physically able to care for their own yard or are busy providing essential work and services during this unprecedented situation. Any relevant updates will be provided as circumstances change. The Governor’s Executive Order can be read in its entirety, along with a FAQ page, at the following links:

In accordance with the Governor’s Executive Order 2020-42, curbside yard waste collection continues to be delayed until further notice. The compost site is scheduled to open on May 2nd. In the event the order is changed or lifted, the City of Adrian will reevaluate and provide updates at that time.