Important Safety Information for Residents


ProMedica Bixby Hospital in Adrian and ProMedica Herrick Hospital in Tecumseh will be opening as WARMING CENTERS at 6:00pm on Tuesday, January 29 until Friday, February 1 at 9:00am. The ProMedica Bixby Merillat Center basement of the hospital is the location for the warming center in Adrian. Guests are to please use the Grace Chrisman entrance at the rear of the hospital. The ProMedica Herrick Hospital Conference Center in the basement of the hospital is the location for the warming center in Tecumseh. The hospital asks that guests please find accommodations for pets. Any questions, please call administration 517-265-0265.

Salvation Army in Adrian will be open as a WARMING CENTER on WED, JAN 30 and THUR, JAN 31 from 10am to 5:30pm.

COLD WEATHER TIPS (Courtesy of the Adrian Township Fire Department)

For your house:

• Make sure your outside water is turned off and garden hose disconnected
• Check your furnace filter and make sure exhaust pipes are clear (air in, air out)
• Add insulation on the outside walls that have plumbing. Eliminate drafty spots
• Insulate pipes that freeze. Be careful with heat tape!
• Use draft stops at doors, window seal kit or heavy curtains on windows
• Open cabinet doors to pipes that might freeze
• If you turn the furnace down at night, don’t go too far. Problems during the day might become a problem at night
• Drip any faucet that freezes if you have to.
• Know where your water shutoff is located, and clear a path to it. Know how to turn it off
• Be careful and be smart using alternative heat like fireplaces or wood burners, and space heaters. I’ve run too many fires when folks don’t use them right or they fail to work properly.
• Make sure your smoke detectors and CO detectors work. Don’t have them? Buy them when you go to the store.
• Use your generator outdoors only if you lose power. Fill it up, know how to start it and how to use it. Don’t back-feed the power grid.
• Think twice before using anti-freeze on your sidewalk or driveway. It can make pets ill or kill them. Even if it just gets on your pets paws.
• Know your utility companies numbers, just in case you need them.

For your car:

• Check your wiper blades, battery, tires, and anti-freeze. Correct the weaknesses now
• If your battery is weak, prepare for it to be dead in the bitter cold
• Keep a full tank of gas, top off at half a tank
• Keep emergency supplies in your vehicle.
• If you warm up your car, make sure it’s not a carbon monoxide threat to you or the house.

For yourself:

• Wear layers instead of just one bulky item
• Chill out on the alcohol, instead stay hydrated
• Stay dry, perspiration will cool you off. Especially hands and feet
• Keep those hands and feet warm, if they are cold you’re in trouble
• Sunglasses! Or should I say “snowglasses”
• Learn or know the signs of hypothermia
• Take care of your pets.
• Eat warm foods like soup, chili etc.
• Check on your neighbors.