Downtown Bollard Installation

In an effort to improve public safety and enhance the vibrancy of our downtown during events. The Adrian City Commission has purchased retractable bollards to be installed on the Downtown Streets. These retractable bollards will be used to block individual city street and/or multiple city streets in the Downtown when required for various events. This will mean there is no longer a need for City Vehicles to block the streets for public safety.

Every effort has been made to not interrupt or affect any upcoming events. We are trying to pace the installation for the maximum benefit for any and all upcoming Downtown Events. In the event of a delay, construction will not take place that may impact an event.

The construction schedule has been updated. The Department of Public works has completed installation of Bollards on Washburn at Main Street. They were able to determine, that with the usage of a quick setting concrete, and a better understanding of the installation, the process should be quicker than previously expected. This has resulted in a change to the construction schedule below. As previously stated, this is a tentative schedule and may change based on several factors including unforeseen incidents that may require attention from the Department of Public Works. In the event of a change to the schedule, we will communicate the change as soon as possible.

Washburn                        Completed
S. Main                             Completed
N. Main                            September 5-7
Toledo                             September 6-7        
N. Main (to Front)         September 7-8
E. Maumee                     September 11-13
W. Maumee                   September 11-13