Our Sister City- Moriyama Japan


August 2018 Goodwill Delegation from Shiga – Host Families Sought

This year the State of Michigan will celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Michigan-Shiga Sister State relationship. Adrian has enjoyed a Sister City relationship with Moriyama Japan for the last 29 years. Part of the 50th Anniversary/Goodwill Mission celebration will be a 5 day/4 night homestay with a host family. The Michigan Shiga Sister State Board is currently seeking interested individuals to volunteer as host families for the incoming Goodwill Mission delegates. If you think you may be interested in being a host family this year or if you would just like more information on the Goodwill Mission activities, you may either contact Pat Baker or you may go directly to the Michigan-Shiga website for registration forms and additional information. The deadline for turning in your registration form is June 15th.

All Michigan citizens are welcome to host. Families or individuals, urban or rural, residents of all ages–you can provide unique experiences for our guests from Shiga. Your guest will learn far more about Michigan lifestyles by being a guest in your home, sharing family meals, and participating in your daily activities than any travel brochure can describe. In return, you will also learn about your guest’s culture as well as your own!

Since the establishment of the sister state relationship between the State of Michigan and Shiga Prefecture in 1968, our states have worked together to offer numerous exchanges including annual goodwill missions, student exchanges, teacher exchanges and more. Over the years, thousands of people of all ages have traveled between Michigan and Shiga. Visiting guests and host families have formed lifelong friendships between our two states and have developed a greater understanding of what it means to be a global citizen.