Meter Reading

The meter reading unit is responsible for reading all meters, inspecting all new/changed meter settings, disconnecting services that go unpaid, providing a free inspection of customer residences in regard to water leaks/loss and handling general customer concerns about meter reading. Meters are read on a monthly basis.
The Meter Shop is responsible for the maintenance and replacement of water meters, remote meters and handling general customer concerns about their meters.

Frozen Meters

A water meter can freeze when the weather is permitted to penetrate near the location of the meter. For instance, if a meter is near an outside window that is broken, the chances of the meter freezing are greatly increased. When Customer Service is dispatched to replace a meter due to freezing, the customer is responsible for the cost of the replacement meter. In order to determine if you have a frozen meter, you will need to check the bottom of the meter. Water will be spraying from the bottom plate of the meter when the meter freezes.

Automatic Reading Box (ARB)

An ARB is a small box attached to the meter with a cable running to the outside of your house. When our meter reader plugs into the box with his meter reading device, it displays the numbers on your meter that show the amount of water you use. Some homes are equipped with a radio read device which transmits the meter reading to a vehicle equipped with a mobile computer-based data collection system. Each transmission includes current meter reading, tamper status, and error detection. The computer receives and validates the data and uploads it to a computer for billing. Each transmission takes 1/30 of a second and will transmit over a typical range of 500 feet.
By having a remote register installed, the meter reader can obtain a good read without entering your home. You can enjoy several advantages:

  • You do not have to be at home to have a reading
  • The meter reader can record an actual meter read without entering the premises

For questions regarding your meter readings, call the Utilities Department at 517-264-4821.