A Project in Partnership with Johnson Controls & Vanguard Utility Service

Mandatory Meter Update
General Information:

The City of Adrian is beginning the process of updating water meters throughout the City with an automated meter reading process.
This is a mandatory water meter update project with no additional charge to the customer.
Please call (517) 401-6777 to schedule your meter upgrade.

The City has contracted with Johnson Controls and Vanguard Utility Service for this water meter project.  Installation of this project will be between May 2021 – December 2021. You will receive a postcard via the mail prior to meter installers arriving in your neighborhood. This notification will include a phone number to call as well as a website where you can set up an appointment for your meter service. This upgrade requires access to the meter inside your home.  Pipes before and after the meter must be in good condition. An adult who is over the age of 18 years old must be present at all meter appointments.  The entire change out process takes 30 minutes in most cases. 

Johnson Controls and Vanguard Utility Service are experienced water meter contractors. All crew members will have an I.D. badge and they will produce a letter from the City identifying who they are and the purpose of their visit. Please give these representatives your cooperation in facilitating the water meter replacement.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.
Example Postcard: 


  • I recently had my meter replaced, will I still need to make an appointment? 
    • Yes, even if you have a newer meter you will still need to schedule an appointment. Some meters (depending on age and size) will only be updating the electronic reading device, but an appointment is still necessary.
  • Why is the City of Adrian undertaking this project? Why now?
    • The City of Adrian water metering system needs modernization because most of the existing water meters are rapidly approaching the end of their useful life, and the manual water meter reading system is very costly. The new meter reading system will read the water meters once every hour and send that data back to the City automatically. The existing water meters are mechanical devices that lose their accuracy over time. The new water meters are all electronic with no moving parts and will hold their accuracy for 20 years
  • How much is this going to cost me and how will I be billed for this?
    • Customers will not be charged for the new water meters and the automated meter reading system. The new system will be paid for out of operational and maintenance savings from the new water meters and new meter reading technology and from increased revenues from replacing inaccurate meters.
  • Will my water bill go up?
    • Not necessarily: the new water meters will simply record consumption more accurately. In some cases, a bill may increase slightly, but only if the current water meter is underreporting usage. The new system will provide for accurate billing and ensure fairness and equality for all the residents and businesses. The new metering technology will quickly identify water leaks at your residence or business, and the customer web portal will promptly inform you of the potential leak so that you can avoid paying a high bill.
  • How long will it take to install the new meters? How will I be notified?
    • Estimated start date for the project is May 2021 and should be completed in about 12 months.  All customers will receive postcards notifying them to schedule an appointment before any work  begins.  Door hangers will also be used to notify customers of missing appointments or failure to schedule. Workers will have marked vehicles, uniforms, and picture ID cards that will be worn at all times. Once the project starts, the City will provide you with a local phone number that you can call with any questions. The City has selected Johnson Controls for this project, a company that is reliable and experienced in projects like this. They have installed well over a million water meters for other cities and utilities across the country.
  • What benefits will I see from this project?
    • The new technology will ensure accuracy, and efficiency in delivering water to our customers. The new system will reduce unauthorized water usage and identify leaks that currently impact all customers. The new system will also gather data on usage patterns, recognize irregularities, and alert the system operators to notify you if potential leaks are discovered, thus helping to save you money on future bills.
  • Why haven't I received my postcard to schedule an appointment?
    • Johnson Controls & Vanguard will begin mailing postcards in May 2021.  Depending on the location of your residence or business, you could receive one right away or later in the year.
    • To date (October 2021) all customers have received at least their first postcard. Customers with account numbers beginning in 0101-0210 have received all three postcards including their final notices and any non-responsive customers have received door tags asking them to schedule an appointment. 
  • I recently upgraded my meter through Vanguard. Why has my meter read date changed?
    • Your meter read date may change slightly after your meter change. Since the reads will be available immediately, all route numbers in a given cycle will be read within three days of each other instead of over the course of a work week.
    • For example: customers in Cycle 1 (account numbers beginning with 0101-0165), your new read date will be between the 23rd-25th of each month.