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When Addison J. Comstock first settled along the South branch of the Raisin River in 1825 he could never have imagined the City that would grow up around him over the next 175 years. One part of that history is the Adrian Police Department which has grown from a City Marshall into the Department of today.

From those humble beginnings of one law enforcement officer, a City Marshall, the Adrian Police Department began to grow as the City of Adrian grew. City Commissioners responded to the needs of the community and the addition of Night Police Services were added to provide twenty-four hour police services. Some of these Night Policemen were David Keimball, S.M. Babcock, and Dennis Lyons. On August 1, 1878, the City Commission passed Police Resolution #13, which set the hours for Night Policemen as being 7:00pm, until the next morning when relieved of duty by the City Marshall. They were also required to work every Saturday from 1:00pm, to 5:00pm, in the downtown business district.

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