Community Programs

College Internships are offered through the Adrian Police Department. Criminal Justice students participate and earn college credits. They are exposed to all bureaus and divisions within the agency. They have to spend so many hours per week as determined by their learning institution. They are also required to meet certain standards while participating in this program.

Gun Safety programs have been instituted and available to all citizens in Lenawee County. The Adrian Police Department provides gun locks at no charge to all citizens. It is important to safely secure all firearms and ammunition to prevent accidental shootings.

Property Identification is also available to citizens. The Adrian Police Department will allow citizens to sign out an engraver so that personal property can be engraved with the owner’s identifiable markings.

A Ride along program has been available to all Adrian citizens for many years. People are encouraged to participate in this program. This allows people in the community to ride a shift with an officer to enhance community awareness of duties and responsibilities involved in Law Enforcement. Anyone interested in the ride along program must first fill out a form available during business hours at the police department.