Emergency Response Information

The City of Adrian Fire Department periodically updates emergency response information for businesses and rental units within the city limits. This very important information is kept on file at the Fire Department and used only when we need to respond to an emergency at your place of business. The form provides us with owner/supervisor contact information, utility shut-off locations, construction materials and other vital information in the event of an emergency.

Instructions: Click on the link below to fill out the survey. Indicate whether your site uses or produces any of the chemical types listed. Check all the categories that apply when a chemical has more than one characteristic. Each chemical group listed in this survey includes a specified quantity. Indicate the quantity category for each chemical group on your site. To complete this survey, you may need to reference Safety Data Sheets (SDS or formerly MSDS’s), SARA Title III reporting forms, along with definitions provided to you in the mailing notice.

Emergency Contact, Response & Information & Site Specific Chemical Assessment Survey
Chemical Survey Definitions