Pet Cemetery


The Pet Cemetery is located in the back of Oakwood Cemetery across from Section 42. Each grave space is 2′ by 2′. The Pet Cemetery is provided for the burial of pet cremations. All grave spaces include perpetual care and a deed.

Burial Hour

Monday – Friday
8:00am – 2:00pm
No weekend or holiday burials


24 hours spring through fall
48 hours during winter


Markers are optional. If a marker is placed on the pet grave space, it must be flush with the ground. The dimensions must be 16” x 8” x 4” and made from granite. All markers must be placed on a foundation purchased and installed by cemetery personnel.


  • Decorations are prohibited.
  • No scattering of cremated remains.
  • All cremated remains must be placed in a non-porous container for burial.
  • No more than one burial per grave.
  • Pet cremations only.


  • Grave Space $125
  • Opening and Closing $125
  • Foundations $100

City Resident:

  • Grave Space $100
  • Opening and Closing $100
  • Foundations $80

For more information call 517-264-4870.