Cemetery Rules

Hours– The cemetery will be open from 8 a.m. to dust and any person found in the cemetery outside of the proper hours will be prosecuted as a trespasser.

Animals– Dogs, cats or other animals are NOT allowed on the cemetery grounds and may be removed.

Pokemon - The game Pokemon is not permitted in the Cemetery. If found that you are playing, you may be asked to leave.

Defacing– The defacement of monuments, markers, grave sites or cemetery appurtenances whether intentional or otherwise will be considered a misdemeanor. Persons entering the cemetery will be held responsible for any damage done to the cemetery properties by them. The operator and/or owner of any vehicle will be held responsible for any damages done by the vehicle whether intentional or unintentional.

Removal of plants and decorations– The removal of flowers, urns or any of the cemetery equipment without authority will be considered a misdemeanor and so treated.

Firearms– The possession of fire arms within the cemetery grounds is forbidden, except the military may carry arms for the purpose of firing a salute over the grave site at the burial of a member. Please notify the Cemetery office of intended use.

Grave Decorations– Oakwood Cemetery appreciates the cooperation of the public to allow the natural beauty of the Cemetery to show through, by limiting to a reasonable amount the number of arrangements per grave, and thus respecting the rights of neighboring lot owners who desire the same. The City will remove without notice, any plantings or objects placed without prior approval or in violation of cemetery rules including overgrown or unsightly plantings. The cemetery shall not be responsible for flowers injured or destroyed (by mowers or other machinery) that were placed in violation of the cemetery rules.

Urns and vases-All decorations, including artificial, must be placed in pots or NON GLASS containers above the ground from May 1 to September 30. One urn per two grave spaces unless otherwise approved by Cemetery Superintendent. All urns must be assigned placement by the Cemetery Superintendent, and once placed, the urn becomes the direct responsibility of the Lot Owner. All urns should be made of material that will withstand the freezing and thawing of the dirt inside. The City of Adrian shall not be responsible for breakage or damage due to freezing and thawing.

Artificial flowers, wreaths and grave blankets– Artificial flowers, wreaths and grave blankets are permitted on cemetery sites. These must be placed adjacent to the monument or marker or in authorized urns and should be well secured.

  • Grave blankets must be removed by March 1st.
  • Winter Decorations may be placed on December 1st and must be removed by April 1st.
  • Summer decorations may be placed after May 1st & must be removed by October 1st.

Any decorations not removed by the above dates will be removed by Cemetery personnel and the City of Adrian will not be responsible.

Prohibited attachments and furnishings– Decorations such as glass, wreaths, fences, artificial flowers and other items that are simply stuck in the ground are not allowed. Examples of items not allowed, but not limited to, are shepherd hooks, solar lights, wind chimes, stepping stones, wire, glass covered or wood boxes, chairs, settees, benches, chipped marble, shredded plastic, bark, stone, fencing, plastic or wooden borders.

Shrubs, evergreens, cut flowers and flower beds– No shrubs, trees or plantings of any nature shall be planted unless authorization has been given by the Superintendent. Permits are required and must be obtained prior to planting. Permits will outline regulations of plantings in terms of location, maintenance and species. Failure to follow permit regulations will result in cancellation of the permit and unauthorized plantings will be removed. All permits will be automatically renewed annually unless cancelled by the Superintendent for non-compliance the previous year. Annual flower beds shall be located directly in front of and adjacent to a monument or to the rear of a marker and shall not extend more than 8” from the base of a monument or marker.

Flags– The City of Adrian will furnish a suitable flag for the grave of every United States Military Service personnel for the memorial purpose of marking and designation of each grave for Memorial Day.

Trimming and pruning– The trimming, pruning or removing of any branch or bloom from any City planting in the Cemetery is strictly prohibited.

Objects prohibited in the Columbarium– No vases, urns, candles, cards or messages are to be attached to the niche shutters. Acids in some floral decorations as well as tape adhesives may stain the granite. The use of wire is prohibited as it can scratch the granite.