Property Owners

Property Maintenance

The Lenawee County Prosecutor prosecutes code violations and citations written by the City Inspectors. Property owners are responsible for following the City Code. If you are found in violation of the City Code you may receive a Notice of Violation which requires corrections or a Code Enforcement citation which will require a district court appearance. For more information, please click here Inspection.

Drug Houses – Public Nuisance

The City of Adrian Code of Ordinances Section 54-2, provides that a structure where controlled substances and/or drug paraphernalia are found is a public nuisance. If controlled substances and/or drug paraphernalia are found on your property, the City may provide by resolution of the City Commission that your property is a public nuisance. The City Commission could authorize your property to be padlocked for a period of up to one year from the date of said resolution. You could also be held liable for the full cost and expenses of any and all City employees used to board up the property, as well as the full cost and expense of any and all police officers involved in each drug related activity, including arrests and drug raids on the property. If you are the owner of rental property and controlled substances and/or drug paraphernalia are found in one of your units, the same would apply for that unit.

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