City Wide Appraisal

The City of Adrian Assessor’s office is putting into effect a five year verification process. This process is strongly recommended by the State Tax Commission. Within this five year period we hope to visit every real property in the City of Adrian to verify our property records. After the five year period is complete and all properties have been verified, this process will start over again. This will help the City maintain correct and efficient property records.

Through field work we will be noting properties physical condition, structural and mechanical components such as basement type, floor structure, heating/cooling systems and style of construction. Front and rear photographs of each property will be taken for information and documentation purposes.

The constitutional tax limitation that is currently in place for your property will not be changed by the property verification. Increases in the estimated value or the property will not increase taxes any more than the normal Consumer Price Index. Decreases in the estimated value of the property may or may not decrease taxes depending on the difference in Assessed and Taxable Value. The exception to the constitutional tax limitation is a physical addition to the property, such as a room addition, shed or new garage for which no additional value had been previously added.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the City of Adrian Assessor’s office at 517-264-4830.