Location: Behind City Hall
Construction/Material: Welded Aluminum
Size: 7ft tall
Value: $9,000
Permanent Sculpture

Artist Information

Artist: Douglas Gruizenga
Interlochen, MI

Artist Statement: The sculptures that I produce are an attempt to study the absolutes and variables of form and’ function. Each piece has a basis in actual objects that I have found to be visually stimulating. I then vary the composition and relationships between design elements, in an effort to understand the universal truths and variables of composition and function. Every viewer brings with them, individual experience and understanding. It is my hope that my sculpture will be pleasing to the eye, without limiting the observers creative ability to interpret the subject matter involved. Of course, individual sculptures have specific meanings to me. I enjoy discussing interpretations with viewers. I enjoy visiting my sculptures after a fresh snow. There are footprints of people that I will never know, who have taken the time to observe an object that I have constructed. Each person goes on about their life with that experience, good or bad, based on their understanding of the sculpture. It is an honor to have even one person take the time to view an object that I have created. It is amazing to think that an indelible image of that event is recorded forever in their mind.